Is Your Anti Ageing Skin Care Working?

The battle against ageing is won when you’re diligent with your skincare routine.

This is what we know: Keeping a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine and finding the right products for your skin. But how can you tell if your new anti-ageing routine is working, apart from just feeling that your skin looks younger or firmer?


This is the few steps you can try:

Snap the skin under your eyes by lightly pinching it. Do it lightly, you don’t want to develop more fine lines and wrinkles in the process. Check for lines forming right above your cheek, just under where you’re pinching. It’s an indicator of how dehydrated your skin is. If you see lots of them, it’s time to pile on the hydrating creams or serums or other alternative which works beautifully for this.


Pinch your cheeks right under the cheekbone. Full and fleshy cheeks are a sign of skin that’s firm and youthful. Those with thinner skin around the cheeks should focus on boosting collagen content and preventing its degradation in your skin by upping your intake of antioxidants and using a good sunscreen. Fine lines around the cheeks are also a telltale sign of skin dehydration, so always remember to keep it moisture.

The area around the mouth and under the nose gets dry easily. So pout your lips in front of a mirror, then relax. Watch out for vertical lines that are still present between the nose and upper lips. The principle here is the same as the cheeks, more lines, means the need for more wrinkle reducing products to help boost collagen in the skin.

It’s so easy, Just snap, pinch and pout, but don’t be too forceful or you’ll end up creating more wrinkles in the process! If you wish to find about other alternative way, you can contact us to see how we can help you here.


Why You Should Use Skin Care Serum?

Confused by serums? Do not panic, many wonder what exactly a serum does for skin, as well as what benefit they have versus any other product in your routine. If you haven’t added one to your routine yet, we’ll help you understand why they’re worth considering; and if you use one now but aren’t sure if you should continue, these tips will explain why you should keep using it!

The Anti-Aging Superstars of Your Skin-Care Routine

While it’s true that every product in your routine should contain a skin-pleasing array of antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients, you should have higher expectations of your serums. This is because the best serums are concentrated with anti-aging ingredients there just simply isn’t as much room for in a moisturizer.

Serums differ from moisturisers in that they don’t “make room” for traditional emollients or thickeners; these are the ingredients that create a lotion or rich cream texture. Likewise, serums won’t contain sunscreen actives like a daytime moisturizer would. Instead, serums use that extra space to pack in other beneficial ingredients or even more antioxidants than any other product in your routine.

A serum won’t replace your day or night moisturizer, but they will boost your anti-aging results and overall skin health when used morning and evening. Exception: If you have oily skin (and thus don’t need extra moisture), a well-formulated serum may work well as a double-duty product that replaces your night moisturiser!

Serums Have Greater Anti-Aging Benefits the Longer You Use Them

Finding a good serum is akin to starting a long-term relationship. The real benefits come from sticking with your serum day in and day out. While you will likely see some improvements right away as their antioxidant-rich formula soothes redness and brightens skin, over the long term you’ll see signs of damage fade and skin will look and feel healthier and firmer!

Like interpersonal relationships, however, it’s important to be skeptical of superficial serums! By “superficial”, we mean serums that are made up of trendy anti-aging ingredients that don’t have any legitimate research behind them and won’t do much more than waste your money and time.

Instead, look to serums with the anti-aging ingredients that are proven effective based on a large number of independent, peer-reviewed research. Such substances include potent, stable antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients.

You Are Never Be Too Young to Start Using a Serum

It’s common knowledge that eating a balanced diet and exercising keeps your body healthier and younger-acting as you age. With that in mind, would it make sense to wait until you are unhealthy and in your 50s or 60s to start a healthier lifestyle? Not at all!! And the same is true when it comes to anti-aging for your skin!

Start using products loaded with these types of impressive ingredients before signs of damage occur and you’ll be on track for a more even complexion and firmer, healthier skin as you age. Your skin never gets used to these types of ingredients, just like your body never gets used to eating healthy foods.

Of course, these ingredients do work even after skin damage starts showing up, but without question, sooner is better than later! Don’t wait till too late.

Serums Can Target Specific Concerns

Brown spots from too many days in the sun or post-breakout red marks require treatment combinations that prevent and repair. Serums can play a critical role in fighting these concerns by helping to impede damage that can prolong the life of such discolorations, and they’ll also help skin repair itself so it can heal faster.

Of course, to keep discolorations from getting worse, you’ll need to keep your skin protected by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. We’re sure you want brown spots gone today, but be patient with your serum and treatment routine. Just as it took time for those fine lines and sun damage to develop, it will take time for your serum to repair them; most can expect results in 4–12 weeks.

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Birthmark Removal

Get a beautiful new sense of confidence with our artful laser treatment of birthmarks. No matter how large or raised, trust us to reduce or remove those embarrassing marks.

Birthmark skin disorders for some people, can cause them considerable difficulties and leave them distressed and self-conscious. For some people this can fuel anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological problems. Self-esteem and quality of life may also suffer. But there are now effective treatments available to treat birth marks. In cases such as this, one of the best options available is Laser treatment.

A birthmark is a colored mark on or under the skin that that’s been there since birth. Birthmarks vary in size and shape, and can be blue, black, tan, brown, pink, red, purple and white. Some are smooth, and some are raised and rough.

Almost all birthmarks are painless and harmless. However, to be extra safe, it’s important to have a doctor check your birthmarks, especially if there are rapid changes in appearance.

Birthmarks are categorized into two main groups: Those that appear as patches of brown skin caused by containing too much melanin (pigmented lesions), and those that appear as patches of red skin caused by the presence of abnormal blood vessels that are bunched together and do not grow normally.

Can lasers treat all pigmented birthmarks?

Not all birthmarks can be treated by laser but some can have excellent success and you are advised to consult with your doctor to check whether they are able to treat your birthmark or not.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments required varies for each person. This depends on the characteristics unique to each birthmark.
Four to twelve treatments are the norm. Don’t be surprised however, if removing a birthmark requires more.
The process also requires a substantial time commitment, since you must allow at least 1 – 2 months between each treatment session.

How painful is the treatment?

Pain is an individual experience affected by a variety of factors. Each laser impact on the skin has been described as “an elastic band slapping your skin”. Many people require nothing during treatment, while others choose to put on a topical anesthetic aka numbing cream, which must be applied on 30 – 45 minutes prior to treatment.

How do the lasers eliminate a pigmented birthmark?

Lasers work by producing short pulses of intense, pure, one color of light that passes through the top layers of the skin to be selectively absorbed by the birthmark’s pigment.
This laser energy causes the pigment to fragment microscopically. Some of the pigment comes off with the crust that forms after laser treatment; the body absorbs some of the pigment as it heals, and a small amount of pigment stays invisible in the tissue. The doctor will determine which wavelength or color of light to use, and how to best direct the laser’s energy to treat your birthmark.

Is there an age limit for children to be treated by the laser?

No, but you need to ask if this is something the child wants to do. Some children may find it daunting or painful, and therefore not be able to go through with the treatment.

Can laser be performed if I m pregnant?

As with any laser procedure, there is no long-term data available to say that laser is harmful to the fetus, but I recommend waiting until after the birth of your child before any treatment.

Will there be any scarring?

Scarring is uncommon with this procedure, but as with any skin treatment, there is a slight risk of side effects, most of which are reversible with time.

Home Remedies to Reduce Eye Pufiness

Puffiness in the eye area is a common manifestation of mild facial edema. Edema is a term for the excess fluid accumulation in soft tissue manifested by swelling. Edema stretches the skin and eventually leads to wrinkles and sagging. The eye area is particularly prone to edema due to the dense capillary network and lack of fat padding.

It is important to know that significant edema may be a sign of a health problem, such as kidney or liver disease, and needs to be investigated by a physician to rule out medical conditions. A variety of allergies may also cause facial puffiness. If you have persistent puffiness make sure to rule out allergic reactions to your environment, food or skin care products.

A more common situation, however, is morning puffiness (mild facial edema that occasionally occurs in the morning and goes away during the day) caused by lifestyle factors rather than a health condition.

You may try these home remedies:

Sleep on your back.

When you sleep face down or even in your side the blood pressure in your facial vessels is greater due to gravity and contact with the pillow. Sleeping on your back mitigates this problem.

Do not consume too much fluid late in the evening.

During sleep your blood vessels tend to relax. If at that time your body is overloaded with water, more fluid will flow from capillaries into extracellular space than is drained from it; the net effect is swelling. In general, it is healthy to drink a lot of fluids. However, try to consume most of your water in the morning and afternoon, and drink less in the evening.

Limit your sodium intake.

Sodium, especially if consumed as sodium chloride (table salt), increases retention of water and promotes edema. Keep in mind that even if you don’t overuse the saltshaker, you may still be consuming a lot of sodium because most processed foods are high in sodium. Notable examples include chips, candy, many processed meats and cheeses. Check food labels for sodium content per serving and serving size. Then you can calculate how much sodium you are consuming. Reducing sodium intake may have an added benefit of reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure.

If you drink alcohol, be moderate and avoid drinking late in the day.

Alcohol and certain drugs contribute to puffiness by favoring the accumulation of fluid in extracellular space. If you are taking any drugs, do not change your regimen without consulting with your doctor. If you feel that a particular drug may be causing puffiness, talk to your doctor about possible alternatives that provide the same benefits without this side effect.

Weak capillaries contribute to facial edema because they leak too much fluid into extracellular space. There are a few studies indicating that escin, a substance found in horse chestnut, can strengthen veins and capillaries by blocking enzyme called hyaluronidase. Blocking hyaluronidase prevents the breakdown of proteoglycans, which are important structural component of venous and capillary walls. The studies showed that twice a day supplementation with 50 mg of escin (a from standardized horse chestnut extract) reduced edema of extremities. Facial edema has not been studied but is likely to respond as well. Standardized horse chestnut extract is available in capsules in health food stores and on the web. Some vendors also sell horse chestnut cream. It is unclear whether topical application of escin also strengthens capillaries but it is certainly possible and may be worth a try. Escin may provide additional skin benefits. By blocking the hyaluronidase, escin may increase the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin and thereby reduce dryness. Other plant-derived agents shown in clinical studies to improve venous insufficiency and associated edema of extremities include Butcher’s broom rhizome extract and grape seed extract. These extracts, used orally or topically, might improve facial edema as well.

Fatigue and lack of sleep may contribute to puffiness and other eye area skin problems. Make sure you are getting adequate restful sleep.

When morning puffiness cannot be prevented, it can be quickly reduced, which minimizes its damaging effects on the skin. The key to reducing puffiness is to reduce the inflow and increase outflow of fluid from the soft tissue of the face. To increase the outflow of fluid make sure that you are in a vertical position, by standing or sitting. To reduce the inflow, you need to produce a mild constriction of blood vessels. To constrict your blood vessels in the area under the eye you can try to use cool teabags on your eyes. Place the tea bags in warm water, steep for a few seconds, wrap in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for half an hour. Then place the cool, moist tea bags on closed eyes. Recline and relax for ten to twenty minutes.



No medication required

No downtime

No long recovery periods


Long term results

Painless and no anesthesia required

Skinartesse Laser Peel encompasses the equivalent of having 4 chemical peels in one session, the outer most layer of the epidermis is safely removed with no downtime, or any complications like ablative alternatives such as Fractional Co2 lasers, and yet it still produces visible results immediately. This laser function treats:

  • skin rejuvenation
  • all types of acne problems
  • improve skin elasticity
  • reduce age spots
  • large pores
  • sun damaged skin
  • reduce fine lines, wrinkles
  • yellow, dull or oily skin
  • lighten acne scars

Skinartesse Laser Toning is the application of specialized laser energy to reduce visible sin pigmentation and it accomplishes two major goals:

  • Even-out your skin tone
  • Improve your skin texture

The laser energy gently targets the melanin in the cells breaking it up for your body’s natural removal processes. Because the treatment is gentle, multiple passes are needed in order to target deep into the tissue.


  • Glowing youthful looking skin
  • Have Acne under control
  • Remove minor Acne Scars and redness
  • Flawless radiant smooth skin


Magical transformation to radiant skin, the Skinartesse Cinderella Skin Treatment

Everybody dreams of having whiter, brighter and beautifully even skin. A complexion with youthful elasticity and perfect hydration is now in reach, thanks to this unique treatment. All the ingredients are FDA approved and known to be safe for usage. Skinartesse Cinderella Skin Treatment helps to achieve:

    • Hydration
    • Whitening
    • Brightening
    • Pores reduction
    • Face Lift
    • Fine line reduction
    • Improve pigmentation
    • Lighten Scars
    • Improves uneven skin tone


每一个人都想要拥有透白亮彩、輪廓分明、緊緻富彈性,如上了妆的肌膚。Skinartesse Cinderella 皮肤疗程所用的都是FDA 安全認證的著名成分,安全可靠。这个疗程可以达到得效果如:

    • 保濕
    • 美白均色
    • 提升光澤
    • 收細毛孔
    • 輪廓提升
    • 柔滑飽滿
    • 減淡幼紋
    • 減淡黑眼圈
    • 改善眼部乾紋


Non Invasive, Non Surgical way to achieve desired 3D Heart Shape Face

Hyaluronic acid filler injections, among other fillers, are injected into the desired position to naturally replenish and refresh your appearance. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important natural substances inherent in the human body to maintain health and beauty. It attracts and seals in moisture. By injecting hyaluronic acid on desiring areas, it will make your skin plump, glowing and resilient. As the hyaluronic acid used is very similar to the natural hyaluronic acid in the human body, it will not cause rejection and is acclaimed as a safe cosmetic product. Hyaluronic acid works by:

  • Eliminates wrinkles
  • Alters facial contours
  • Improves tear trough and dark circles
  • Increases the root of the nose, the chin
  • Enhance temple and forehead
  • Creating fuller lips
  • Improves sagging contours and scars




  • 消除皺紋
  • 改善面部輪廓
  • 改善泪沟和黑眼圈
  • 提高鼻樑、加長下巴
  • 丰额头,夫妻宫
  • 增加嘴唇的豐腴感
  • 改善下陷的輪廓和疤痕。

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Skinartesse HCG Diet, The Ultimate Diet Ever!


How Skinartesse HCG Diet Works?

Skinartesse HCG Diet allows you to burn fat and helps you to lose those excess inches and pounds. The addition of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to a very low calorie diet allows the body to release locked up fat stores. Fundamentally human beings are mammals, and throughout our history we have had times of feast and famine. It is only in the last 50-60 years that we have eaten three meals a day regularly and caused obesity and the need to burn fat.

Eating three meals a day disregulates the hypothalamus so that we can no longer release adipose fat stores or burn belly fat. HCG, the hormone that pregnant women produce to release fat stores for the baby, helps to regulate the hypothalamus and release adipose (to burn fat).

How to burn fat with Skinartesse HCG Diet?

HCG takes 72 hours to fully get into our systems. The first three days on the diet are gorge days – eat as much as you can! This sets up the feast part of the diet. On the third day, a very low calorie diet 500kcal is introduced.

This puts the body into alert mode, and with the HCG the body will release roughly 2000cal/day from stored adipose. The body sees these calories as intake calories, so it thinks you are eating 2700 cal/day, which is why most patients do not suffer from hunger. Meanwhile, you are melting pounds and inches from your body!

Blogger review:

HCG是一種促性腺激素,它已成為最有效的天然、安全、並沒有任何副作用的健康減肥方法。Skinartesse HCG可以幫助你真正的減去你的不正常脂肪和調整你的新陳代謝,讓你擁有更健康的身體與更美的體型。

1. 結構性脂肪
2. 正常脂肪
3. 不正常脂肪


HCG疗程必須最少三個星期,最長六個星期。在這個階段,你應該可以每天減輕0.45kg。並降低飢餓感和食慾,你將會看到你的身體開始改變與改善 。限制飲食減輕體重必較容易,但是HCG可以幫助你真正的減去你的不正常脂肪和調整你的新陳代謝,讓你擁有更健康的身體與更美的體型。


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The Damaging Effects of Sugar on Your Skin

Unfortunately, excess sugar in the diet is attributed to a process called glycation, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles.  In scientific terms, glycation is a chemical reaction between the binding of sugar with protiens and lipids, which impairs their functioning.  As nauseating as it may sound, it is the same process that takes effect when meat turns brown with cooking, but it is happening in our bodies. This process is not only damaging to the collagen and elastin in the skin, it also has a negative effect of the body’s essential organs like the kidneys and brain.

A 2007 study in the British Journal of Dermatology found that glycation on the skin can begin to show at about age 35. The older you are, the more pronounced it becomes if changes to the diet or protective skin factors are not taken.

The harmful effects are not just from the refined sugars found in chocolate and softdrinks. Other foods with a high glycemic index, like white bread, pasta and potatoes also contribute to glycation in the body and skin. Unfortunately, among its many other damaging effects, smoking is also a big contributor to this process.

Good quality cosmeceuticals and treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy can help to prevent and improve the effects of glycation on the skin, however if it gets to this point it may be hard to treat.  Prevention is always the key, which unfortunately means limiting sugar intake.