Skinartesse HCG Diet, The Ultimate Diet Ever!


How Skinartesse HCG Diet Works?

Skinartesse HCG Diet allows you to burn fat and helps you to lose those excess inches and pounds. The addition of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to a very low calorie diet allows the body to release locked up fat stores. Fundamentally human beings are mammals, and throughout our history we have had times of feast and famine. It is only in the last 50-60 years that we have eaten three meals a day regularly and caused obesity and the need to burn fat.

Eating three meals a day disregulates the hypothalamus so that we can no longer release adipose fat stores or burn belly fat. HCG, the hormone that pregnant women produce to release fat stores for the baby, helps to regulate the hypothalamus and release adipose (to burn fat).

How to burn fat with Skinartesse HCG Diet?

HCG takes 72 hours to fully get into our systems. The first three days on the diet are gorge days – eat as much as you can! This sets up the feast part of the diet. On the third day, a very low calorie diet 500kcal is introduced.

This puts the body into alert mode, and with the HCG the body will release roughly 2000cal/day from stored adipose. The body sees these calories as intake calories, so it thinks you are eating 2700 cal/day, which is why most patients do not suffer from hunger. Meanwhile, you are melting pounds and inches from your body!

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HCG是一種促性腺激素,它已成為最有效的天然、安全、並沒有任何副作用的健康減肥方法。Skinartesse HCG可以幫助你真正的減去你的不正常脂肪和調整你的新陳代謝,讓你擁有更健康的身體與更美的體型。

1. 結構性脂肪
2. 正常脂肪
3. 不正常脂肪


HCG疗程必須最少三個星期,最長六個星期。在這個階段,你應該可以每天減輕0.45kg。並降低飢餓感和食慾,你將會看到你的身體開始改變與改善 。限制飲食減輕體重必較容易,但是HCG可以幫助你真正的減去你的不正常脂肪和調整你的新陳代謝,讓你擁有更健康的身體與更美的體型。


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