Pretty Lips 

While there are many tips and tricks that can be applied using makeup, the results are very temporary. Semi-permanent lip fillers can help you achieve the look you want without a bag of products. 

Lip Fillers 

Lip fillers are not only used for plumping the lips but also help to fix other problem such as..

  • Reshape
  • Reduce Winkle on Lips for smoother pouty lips
  • Adding Volume
  • Adjust any imbalance lips
  • Reduce Gummy smile

 Lip filler is suitable for you if you have 

  • Lips that appear thin and disappear when you smile
  •  Thin lips (As women age our lips become thinner and less fuller as estrogen level decrease,causing the lips to lose their volume and appear progressively thinner over time)
  • Lips that appear disproportionate
  • Lips that is not as full or pouty as desire

Adding volume to your lips 

By adding volume to your lips, you can make the winkle on your lips smoother resulting for pouty and fuller looking lips and for smoother application for lipstick.


  • By having fuller lips it makes you looks more friendly and sexy.

 *Written consent was obtained from this patient for  publication of this image*

Gummy Smile  

  • Having fuller lips can also help balance your face and reduce gummy smile, and it also change the side view of your face.

 Reshaping your lips with filler 

  • You can reshape your lips by using filler, for more sexy pouty full lips appearance.

Droopy Mouth Corners  (Downturned Lips) 

Having down turned mouth makes you look tired, sad, even angry look for you: a droopy mouth. As everything slides southward, the corners of your mouth tend to go that direction too.

  • By using Filler it can help fill in lost volume around the corners of the mouth. They can also help fill in marionette lines that run from the lips down to the outer chin.
  • For some women, the mouth looks downturned due to over activity by the muscles at the corners of the mouth. If this is the case for you, your doctor may suggest to try Botox

Smoker lines  

The smoker/barcode lines can be treated with fillers, and botox. Using filler it can fill up the volume loss and Botox can help to smooth the fine lines, making you look 10 years more younger


Beauty Culture 

  • Depending on the culture and trend in beauty for what type of lips you prefer.  For example for western culture they prefer fuller lips.  The upper and lower lips are symmetrical in which this type of lip shape is considered attractive in the western culture. For example one of our client Ashley Lau, Dr Rachel designs & transforms both her bottom and lower lips and below is the result of sexy pouty fuller lips.

*Witten consent was obtained from this patient for publication of this image*

Asian culture

  • For Asian culture, M shaped lips is consider attractive. The upper lip is M shape. Malaysian blogger Janechuck for example, Dr Rachel designs her center of the upper lips protuding like a pearl, which is called lip tubercle. The entire lips are well shaped and defined. For the lower lip there are two bumps appearance with a central vertical line in between the two bumps, and the mouth angles are upturned.
  • According to Chinese face reading, having this type of lip shape increases wealth and luck.

*written consent was obtained from this patient for publication of this image *


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