Pretty hair for 2017 

Latest hair trend is all about bright color blonde, platinum blonde, ash blonde, reddish color or ash brown, light brown hair color. 
If you haven’t made time for your New Years resolutions, there’s still time, don’t forget about your hair! Shake it up a bit! Now is a great time to get out of the box,try a new look take a change, you’ll probably look in the mirror and wonder ” why didn’t I do this a long time ago? “.   

 Gray hair color  

Women and man are choosing to go gray (before they get there naturally) Resulting in a completely badass look, 

(But while naturally going gray reassure no work beside waiting, going artificially gray calls for quite a bit of work)
*Pink / reddish hair color*    

Pinkish / red

Pony for example pulled off this hair color, she basically look good in every hair color.

This color is vivid and intense, it’s exciting choice if you have, fair, peach – colored or golden – toned skin, get ready to stand out in a crowed – this color is s color that gets notice. 

-if you are not brave enough to go for bold or super light color hair, you can go for more natural light colored ash brown or light brown which is trending right now.  


Natural wave  
A modern cut with natural looking wave is added with full waves, resulting in perfect pastel colors for the trend 2017


Korean short bob hair style 

With minimal styling, you can get maximal appearance.  The soft straight hair fittingly good for bob hairstyle, likewise, the short flowing bangs gently caress the forehead brings out the innocent Korean look which is very feminine and attractive   


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