Eating little and often to lose weight 

You may heard about the importance of eating small portions no matter if you are concerned about your weight, your energy level or nutritional deficiency, eating small portions can help maintain your health. 


Eating large meals 

large meals burden the digestive system, often causing bloating and lowered energy while the body struggles to digest them, when we eat big meals the sugar level of our body rises, but ones that meal is digested that blood sugar level falls, taking your energy and mood with it. 

Eating smaller meals 

  • By eating smaller meals you prevent this and the body functions more efficiently throughout the day .                
  • With a little and often approach keeps your energy level stable and makes it easier for you to cope with everything you had in a day.

Can i lose weight by eating little and often? 

  • By eating small portion is that by doing so, you are decreasing the numbers of calories you are putting on each day. But rather the total amount of food you eat each day that makes you gain weight, but research has actually found that people who only eat two ~ three meals per day are much likely to gain weight to become more over weight then those who eat more frequent smaller meals.
  • Another reason why it is important to eat small portions more frequently is that by doing so, you will help to keep your metabolism Is running strong,  your metabolism Is a function of your body that works to digest food.
  • Not only you can lose weight while eating small and frequent meals, there is other benefits As well, Such as……. 

Preventing  Nutrition imbalance 

Eating small portions several times per day will help you to prevent nutrition imbalances,  research has found that, people who eat several different meals throughout the day tends to eat balance diet of fruits, vegetables, fiber, lean meat, and dairy products.  It also lower blood sugar level and cholesterol and your energy is increase.


  • This method  dose not require exercise but increasing your physical activity will help you get your healthy weight faster
  • For better result avoid eating  (Fast Food, Frozen Food, sweets) .

Stay within your calories limits 

  • Average women takes about 2000 ~ 2200 per day
  • Average male takes about 2600 to 2800 per day.


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