About Dr Rachel Chew Blog

Dr Rachel Chew Blog is a comprehensive aesthetic beauty blog covering emerging trends, tips and tricks, insider secrets so our readers are always the first to know what’s hot and what’s just not so that our readers have VIP peak into the world of aesthetic beauty.

You’ll always get exclusive content, always interesting, and, hopefully, always inspiring. Thanks for reading!

About Dr Rachel Chew

Dr Rachel Chew is an Aesthetic Doctor who currently living in Kuala Lumpur. Growing up in the industry (her father, who possess a Masters Degree in Chemistry and Art (Education), in the study of skin care, topical creams and hormonal therapy in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine), Dr Rachel Chew got a taste of beauty at an early age.

Dr Rachel Chew studied her Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at Universiti Sains Malaysia. She did her Cert in Aesthetic Medicine at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Rachel Chew has over 10 years experience in providing aesthetic services and consultations and she keeps herself busy by attending training and workshops.

Beauty Bill of Rights


Sometimes, you’ve got to fight for your right to beauty. Dr. Rachel Chew and the Skin Art team believe that no matter who you are, you deserve the right to treat yourself the way you think you deserve to be treated without judgment from others, without naysayers and pessimists. Here’s a Beauty Bill of Rights that we stand by and hope you will too:
1. The Right To Look Great Regardless of Your Age


Many people believe that once they’ve hit a certain age, it’s all downhill. They don’t think they’ll ever improve in looks so they let go and lose confidence. Whether it is 30, 40, 50 or beyond, we believe everyone has the right to look great. Now, more than ever, that’s possible to do. Sometimes, the simplest enhancements can create a world of difference. Even a simple Botox treatment can minimize and help improve the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Some patients have even appeared years younger in only one or two Botox sessions. As well, a simple filler used to restore the volume of your lips or cheeks is all a person needs to rejuvenate their face and look amazing.
2. The Right to Look as Good as You Feel


Often, the body will age quicker than the mind and spirit. While you may feel great, your body looks tired. We believe the body should always look as good as you feel. One of the most obvious, telling signs of age comes from puffy bags around the eyes. Though you may be as energized as a hummingbird, everyone around you keeps asking you if you’re tired. It could be puffy bags under the eyes and dark undereye circles. A simple non surgical eye lift can reduce the look of puffiness and even the contours of one’s face for a younger and fresher look. Filler under the eyes can also improve the look of tired, undereye hallows.

3. The Right to Pamper Yourself for Less


Our team believes that cosmetic procedures don’t always have to be a significant financial investment. We offer solutions that support your right to pamper and take care of your skin and looks for less.




  1. Hi, this is kelly.
    I want to ask about yours job enquiry. Im currently working as a make up artist, but im interesting in thisbeauty industry.

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