Freeze your fat away by Coolsculpting

Developed by renowned scientists of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, the FDA-cleared procedure known as CoolSculpting uses patented cooling technology to eliminate fat cells, without surgery, and little to no downtime. The reduction in fat cells in the treated area provides noticeable, and lasting results to help you look and feel your very best.

Sometimes, no matter how intense your workout or strict your diet, you can’t seem to ditch stubborn fat. We all have certain trouble areas where flab builds up and doesn’t shed, despite our best efforts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce those problem areas without the traditional methods like diet and exercise?

  • Anesthesia: No anesthesia required
  • Length of procedure: 60 minutes per treatment area
  • Estimated recovery time: Most patients can exercise, return to work, or resume their regular daily routine immediately following their CoolSculpting procedure.
  • Side effects: CoolSculpting can cause tingling, sensitivity, redness, and numbness to the treated area, but none of these require time off or anesthesia. Symptoms resolve within days or weeks.

How Is The Procedure Performed?
During your consultation, the patient’s specific problem areas and candidacy for CoolSculpting are determined. Your overall body constitution, the location and amount of fat excess, patient expectations and your desires are determined. A treatment plan is developed specifically for your situation. CoolSculpting is performed without medications or anesthesia. The body area to be treated is mapped and your nurse will apply a specific gel sheet in order to protect your skin. A vacuum applicator is chosen for your particular sculpture which allows the fat pocket to be drawn away from your trunk for the treatment. Cooling panels positioned within this applicator initiate the temperature reduction of the fatty tissue. Safety is provided through sensors within the applicator that deliver feedback for proper cooling. The treatment continues for exactly one hour; mild massage of the treated fat tissue marks the end of the therapy. No other local care is necessary after the treatment.

What Does CoolSculpting Feel Like?
Majority patients experienced the CoolSculpting procedure with ease; partly because cold  is an effective anesthetic. During the treatment, patients read, listen to music or simply rest; even napping has occurred. For many, the application of the gel pad gives them a little shiver although these pads are stored at room temperature. The moment when the treatment area is sucked into the applicator is described by most as “interesting” or “strange”. Other patients find this uncomfortable. The cooling down phase feels similar to the use of an ice pack to this part of your body. Once the pain reducing anesthetic qualities of cold come slowly into effect, patients relax for the remainder of the 60 minutes; the CoolSculpting machine gently humming in the background.

What Can You Expect After The CoolSculpting Procedure?
After removal of the cooling applicator, the treated area is still cold (although numb) and will appear prominent. As the tissue regains its normal temperature, the normal shape will return leaving just some skin pinkness behind. By the next day, many patients do not see or feel much in the treated area; others have described a slight sense of tenderness. Because of the negative suction pressure, the treated area can appear like a “hickey” with some broken capillaries or mild bruising. Total resolution of these signs usually takes a few days, but can take up to a couple of weeks.

When Will You See Results After CoolSculpting?
Because of the natural removal of fat cells, patients have to allow their body to do the work. It takes easily 3 weeks for most patients to observe a slight improvement. Complete treatment results can take 3 or 4 months during which time the body had a chance to completely remove the apoptotic fat cells necessary for the cosmetic improvement. Studies proved a 22 to 25% reduction of fat in the treated areas, enough for good candidates to see a significant improvement.

Can I Have Additional CoolSculpting Treatments?
CoolSculpting is designed to deliver results after one treatment session; it is not a mandatory treatment series. This does not prevent further treatments, even in previously treated areas, if a patient seeks additional benefits. We recommend waiting 3 months before undergoing the second CoolSculpting session of the same regions; other regions can be treated at any time.

What Are Possible Side Effects After CoolSculpting?
Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting was found to be a very safe and effective non-invasive and no-downtime procedure. You can resume your normal activities after the treatment. The most common side effects are related to the cold temperature and suction application to the skin including pinkness, pins-and-needles sensation, skin numbness, broken capillaries or bruising, tenderness and pain which may take up to a couple of weeks to resolve. The most significant side effect that has been described  is more significant pain in the treatment area that may last a couple of weeks to resolve. This pain always resolved and it remains unclear why so very few people develop it in the first place. No long-lasting side effects have been encountered.

How Long Will The CoolSculpting Results Last?
The procedure is based on cryolipolysis, a permanent reduction in the number of fat cells within the treated areas. The number of fat cells will not increase after they have been removed through CoolSculpting. Of course, weight gain is undesirable after CoolSculpting. In cases of weight changes, the volume of remaining fat will be effected but an advantage will continue.

Does CoolSculpting Replace Weight Loss Through Exercise Or Diet?
No, it does not. In fact, CoolSculpting will be most effective for patients within 10 to 15 pounds of their ideal body weight. If you plan on losing weight in conjunction with CoolSculpting, you certainly want to do so before your Zeltiq procedure. Most people are still left with bothersome fat compartments after successful weight loss which will be amenable for CoolSculpting.


Celebrities Go For Skin Tightening Before Red Carpet

Today, more and more celebrities are choosing skin tightening procedures before big events. Many stars want to look their very best and skin tightening can help by smoothing the skin and giving it a healthier, more youthful glow. It may seem like a surprise that anyone would make a appointment right before standing in front of hundreds of camera, but that’s exactly what movie stars and celebrities of our time are doing. You might be thinking to yourself, “But won’t the cameras see the scars, the bruising, the swelling?” And the answer is no. Cosmetic surgery has advanced to the point that skin tightening procedures no longer require a scalpel and, often, even anesthesia. With little to no downtime, it makes perfect sense why a red carpet walker would choose a skin tightening procedure before more invasive surgery.

Celebrities use skin tightening procedures because they are minimally invasive and can be performed in an office setting. With minimal risk and no anesthesia involved, they offer great results without high chances of miscalculation. MAXIMUS is a great example of this, this technology uses radio frequency energy to evenly heat skin tissue deep beneath the outer layers to activate and promote new collagen growth. Collagen growth will not only help diminish wrinkles and fine lines, it also results in smoother, firmer skin. Further more, this treatment can help to get rid of cellulite. For the best results, its recommended to do once a week with a series of 4 sessions. A celebrity may start their treatment a few weeks before the red carpet and continue treatments until the very last day before an event. As only a small amount of swelling and redness patients experience for a few hours after the treatment, there’s literally no downtime. Technically, if a celebrity were to get a treatment in the morning, by evening, they’d be ready to take that red carpet stroll.

It’s obvious to see why a celebrity might choose skin tightening procedures before going under the knife for more drastic, youth-reviving surgeries. Skin tightening is non-invasive, with little to no downtown. Swelling and redness for most procedures last no more than a few hours and the results can often be astounding. If you have a big event coming, maybe not a red carpet, but a wedding, vacation, or anniversary, a series of skin tightening procedures might be for you.