All about blush: Tips

Welcome to a new blog! In this blog I will be taking all about blush!  Rosy cheeks can give you more of a youthful looking and sun kissed look. Depends on where you apply the blush on your cheeks, your face can appear more slimmer and plump looking cheek Here are some tips as well as I will be talking about (Japanese,Korean,Western) style different style and what is trending right now. 

1. Korean style 

For Korean style blush is applied on the apples of the cheeks. Using cream type blush or lipstick for a youthful and natural look. You can also apply some lipstick onto your eyes and lips to create this look.

Tips 1 
Applying 2 different blush color to create a gradient flushed look! 
Instead of rubbing the  lip thick on the cheeks, lightly tap on the lipstick
Onto your cheeks. 

Tips 2 
make sure not to apply too much onto your finger tips.
You can build up the shade by applying a second layer. 

2.Korean Style look 

For second Korean style blush is they are using orange colored blush.
Effect: Oranges, or bright peaches, blush color, warms up your complexion. 
If you’re fair-skinned, bright peach is a nice way make your skin look healthier 

Japanese style

Japanese hangover beauty makeup trend is sweeping the country, 
It’s supposed to look like you just woke up still drunk it’s called ‘igari’ makeup (イガリメイク) or ‘hangover’ makeup.  This is a Japanese makeup trend created by a Japanese Artist Shinobu Igari.
It makes your complexion look good and emphasizes cuteness! To recreate this ‘hangover’ makeup look, make sure your skin looks flawless with a very glossy lip. 

Tips 1
Pink and coral/orange colors to create this hangover look! You don’t want to be using 
Red hash color or else you might end up looking like you had a bad allergies or a bad sun burn *shock

Tips 2 
Use matte powder type blush to achieve a soft innocent look.
For Matte powder you are able to build up pigment, 2~3 times 
To achieve your desire shade. 

Tips 3
The blush is shaped into an inverted triangle shape, placed closely to your eyes.

Western style 

for western style look, apply the blush onto the cheek bones. You can use cream type blush or powder type for this look.


Apply the blush on a slightly angled motion to create a defined high-cheek bones.
By doing this it actually make a huge different on your appearance as well it lifts up your face and makes you look more slimmer.

Finding the right color for your skin 

Knowing your skin tone can be helpful in many ways, it can help you to choose the right color for your lipstick as well as finding the right color blush for your skintone.

How to determine my skin tone? 


To determine your skin tone, check your wrist

  •  If your veins are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone.
  •  If your veins appear green you have warm skin tone. 

The right blush color blush  for your skin tone

  • Fair with pink under tone  ( cool skin tone ) 

Blush color: Rose Gold        

Fair with yellow under tone (cool skintone)  Blush color: Orange  & soft pink

Medium with yellow undertone  (Neutral skin tone)  Blush color: Dusty Mauve & rose pink   

Medium with golden under tone -(warm skin tone)  Blush color: Apricot  


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