Double Eyelid Stitching

Alluring eyes can have a positive effect on an individual as well as on those who look upon him or her, so it is no surprise that upper eyelid surgery is one of the most thought  after cosmetic surgery procedures in Malaysia.  

Why consider double eyelid surgery

Mature patients: often wants correction of aging eyelids with excess skin, fat and lax eyelid muscles. This may be complicated by drooping of the upper eyelids, which is called ptosis. This may cause the eyes to appear smaller and in severe cases, vision may also be obstructed by the excess skin.

Younger patients desire “double-eyelids” to make their eyes look larger, less droopy or less puffy. With puffy eyelids, they may have difficulties applying eyeliner due to excessive fat or skin on their eyelids. 

 There are various “home-fix” techniques such as: 

1.Double eyelid tape

Sticking double eyelid tape is a immediate way to fix a (Single eyelid, mono-eyelid) or a low crease lid to a higher crease depends on how you locate the double eyelid sticker.

But sticking double eyelid tape, the tape will be visible even if you cover 
Them with an eye shadow.  From sticking on and taking them off, you are actually pulling the eyelid, causing the eyelid to droop.

2.Thick eyeliner 

Having hooded eye, eyeliner can be a bit of an challenge. A lid that is covered by a crease, eyeliner is almost non-visible. For the eyeliner to be visible, eyeliner has to be drawn thicker. Throughout the day from the eyeliner Hiding the the crease Gets smudged from oil and sweat from the eyelid. 

.Rubbing Eyes to create double eyelid 

I am pretty sure we are familiar with this terms if you have a (double eyelid, mono-eyelid) Maybe you heard it from your friend or your parents saying, rubbing your eyes create double eyelid. 

From rubbing the eyelid, it creates a fold of the lid for a few seconds, but the eyelid can over time, lose it’s elasticity and that’s a less serious problem but still not something that we want to happen.

(Such methods are however, time-consuming and temporary. With surgery,patients are looking for a solution to their desire for larger and “more attractive” eyes)

What is double eyelid suture Technique? 

The suture technique results in very natural looking double eyelid creases. 
Even with the eyelids closed. The extremely fine sutures provide a gentle compression of the eyelid structures to form a crease from within that is not generally visible unless the eyes are open. 

(Not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure. Before you start the Procedure it’s important to consult with your doctor to discuss about the desired height for your crease)

What is the difference between incisional and suture technique? 

Incisional Technique

  •  Suitable for people with puffy eyelid / excessive sagging eyelid
  • Long recovery time (For the full recovery is about 3~6 months).

During the healing process, the wound often form permanent visible scars or keloid when the patients close their eyes.
Incisional technique will not give permanent result because due to aging, the height of the crease will drop and the patients need to redo their eyelids again.

Suture Technique 

  • This Procedure doesn’t require any cutting.
  • Effects last 5 to 8 years or more, depending on individual and surgeon skills
  • Not suitable for people with excessive sagging skin and puffy eyes
  • Fast recovery time Procedure takes about 30 minutes & Scar less


After the procedure, there might be slight bruise and very minor swelling (some patients don’t even have such downtime) and it will fully subside in 3 to 7 days. There is no wound at all so and the patients can freely resume to their normal activities.

For suture technique there are different types of method, for example.

1.Hata method


2.Maruo Method


3.Bk method (single knot continues)


4.Oh method 


5. Jung Method


 6. DST (Double Suture & Twisted) 

7. And many others



Tapered crease: Natural without makeup  There are two main crease shapes: tapered and parallel. A tapered crease is lower in the inner corner and higher in the outer corner.

Combination of tapered and Parallel crease:

Parallel crease : suitable for ladies who wears makeup regularly a  parallel crease is of equal height in the inner and outer corners.This crease shape can be suitable for Oriental patients who have deep set, relatively hollow upper eyelids and a lack of an epicanthic fold .(Insert picture of picture of eyes) 



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