Fake BOTOX? What you don’t know can hurt you.

The FDA has recently sent out a warning on April 16, 2015 regarding a fake, counterfeit version of Botox circling around that eager consumers should be aware of. The FDA has deemed these counterfeit versions as “unsafe and should not be used.”

The Cost of Cutting Corners

When these unscrupulous physicians choose to save money by purchasing from unverified third-party vendors, they’re also making vicarious decisions for every single patient that may someday walk in their clinic door. They are not only risking their license, they’re simultaneously putting their patients’ health and even life in the balance. Knockoff drugs may seem like a bargain, but the ultimate cost could be devastatingly expensive.


Not all practitioner purchase their injectables from official sources, putting their patients at risk as a result. The only way to purchase authentic Allergan products is through an Allergan representative or one of their authorized distributors.

Black market pharmaceuticals have questionable efficacy, may contain harmful ingredients that aren’t meant for human consumption or for intravenous use, and are often mishandled and improperly stored with potentially tragic results.

Allergan does not guarantee the authenticity of any product not purchased directly from one of their reps, regardless as to whether that product appears to be a branded Allergan product. Patients who pay for discounted counterfeit products often end up unhappy and seek our expertise in correcting the issues.


We value our patients and thrive on providing them with incredible experiences and procedural outcomes based on honesty and mutual respect. We welcome the opportunity to educate the consumer on every information they should know.

The best way you can protect yourself as you pursue aesthetic enhancements is to have thorough consultations prior to having any services rendered and ask extensively about the products offered and the injectors available. Most importantly, please remember to seek advice from professional expert (not beautician, not your friends/relatives/colleagues). In Malaysia, all aesthetic practitioner who perform any aesthetic procedure must be a qualified LCP licensed holder issued by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

You may find out more about LCP at the link provided below:





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