Dark Circles Treatment & Tips

When someone assures you that dark circles can be completely treated, be cautious when someone says that. Dark circles cannot be treated completely but we can be improved with the latest treatments available…

Dark circles under the eyes are defined as bilateral, round, homogeneous pigmentation below the eyes.After exhaustive research and discussions, we have found that your solution won’t be found in a specialty product labeled with miraculous claims or a miracle ingredient.
What cause dark circles?

  • Sun damage
  • Leakage of capillaries and deposition of heme.
  • Post inflammatory pigmentation secondary to Irritants and Allergens.
  • Genetic trait for having darker color around or under the eye area
  • Shadowing due to skin laxity.
  • Buildup of dry, damaged skin cells around the eyes, causing light to reflect poorly.

How can i improve Dark Circles?

Always keep in mind that for some people, getting rid of dark circles entirely just isn’t possible, so keep your expectations reasonable.

  • Use a lightweight moisturizer with sunscreen under the eye area daily because the overproduction of melanin that can make dark circles worse. This is the most important step that shouldn’t be ignored!
  • Always wear sunglasses outdoors.
  • Use a more emollient moisturizer at night.
  • Foundation and concealer will be of great help.
  • Eye serum that contains vitamin k or resveratol can help to improve

Other alternatives:
Dermal fillers, lasers, light treatments, radio frequency treatments, and chemical peels for lightening dark circles and reducing wrinkles. Q-switched ruby laser is the most common choice for treating dark circles.


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