Heliocare SPF

Nothing beats a sunny day on the beach, swimming and relaxing, but getting ready for that night out you feel like the sun was sitting on your shoulders the whole day. The first thing going through your mind is “but I did put sunscreen on” or “I was only in the sun for a few minutes”. In South Africa we all know that our sun is very damaging and extremely dangerous, but with our busy lifestyle do we really have the time to apply sunscreen over our make-up at work or the beach every 2-3 hours.

Now what is a sunscreen, what is an SPF and who should use a sunscreen? It is very easy and simple: Sunscreen is a product containing ingredients most of the time, Zinc oxide and Titanium oxide, to protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation (UV), there are 2 types of UV rays that we want to protect our skin against namely: UVA and UVB. A Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a measure of a sunscreen’s ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin and no sunscreen can block all UVA rays. Especially in South Africa we need extra protection as soon as possible and that’s why we need application of sunscreen as young as over 6 months old, children under 6 years old should be kept out of the sun in any case with protective clothing as well. Coming to a conclusion, EVERYONE should be using a sunscreen.

Heliocare made it super easy and convenient for any age or lifestyle.  It is very important to all to understand why we have to wear sunscreen, how often and what is the best suitable SPF to use every day and at the beach.

The sun gives off 3 ultraviolet rays namely UVA, UVB, UVC towards the earth, only UVA and UVB reach the earth as the UVC ray is too short to reach the earth. UVA radiation causes damage indirectly via the formation of aggressive free radicals and oxygen species, the “Reactive Oxygen Species”. These highly reactive species damage cell membrane, change the DNA of our skin cells and are linked to the development of skin cancer.

UVB rays are mainly responsible for burning of the skin, these 2 rays together can have a very dangerous impact on the skin. Most people only react after they got sunburned and then want to try and reverse the effects, it is already too late then, but UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and have more long term effects than UVB rays. These UVA rays cause photo-ageing, pre-mature ageing, loses flexibility of skin, loss in moisture of the skin, sagging, spots and wrinkles.

Looking at our daily lifestyle, UVB radiation is fairly low in our daily lifestyle, but increase when we spend more time in the sun like being on holiday. UVA radiation is fairly consistent throughout the year, so making it our first priority to protect our skin against UVA and then UVB radiation.

Everyone on earth spends way too much time being exposed to UVA and UVB rays EVERYDAY. Now most people’s excuses for not applying a sunscreen are: “I work in an office the whole day” or “I wear a sunscreen when I go on holiday”.

  • Unfortunately – UVA and UVB radiation’s existence is not only from the sun, but from the computer/laptop screens as well, UVA also travels through glass and car/ office windows as well as fluorescent lights that is in most office blocks and offices.

How do we protect ourselves from UVA and UVB rays?

Heliocare uses an ingredient called Fernblock in all the products in the Heliocare range, Fernblock is a miracle ingredient a natural extract from Polypodium leucotomos( tropical fern from Central America) and that was developed by the IFC Group and experts in Dermatology and Photobiology from Harvard Medical School. The powerful combinations of natural anti-oxidants, ferulic,caffeic and chlorogenic acid, help combat free radicals secreted by the sun causing ageing, hyperpigmentation and DNA Damage. It has been so successful by the effectiveness of it, that it has numerous laboratory and clinical trials featured in leading international scientific and medical journals. The hype about it, is the fact that it is one of the only anti-oxidants that can combat “Reactive Oxygen Species” (ROS), causing the most damage to our health.

Heliocare invented different formulations to fit everyone’s needs in any weather conditions, as wearing sunscreen in cloudy and raining conditions is very important, as UVA rays are still present in those conditions.

The lovely products from Heliocare are:

For everyday protection

  • Heliocare SPF 30 silk gel – light, soft and silky texture for daily use and daily cosmetic and make-up application.
  • Heliocare Cream SPG 50- For dry/normal skin and daily cosmetic and make-up application.
  • Heliocare Gel SPF 50- For oily/combination skin and daily cosmetic and make-up application.

For maximum skin protection

Sun protection only works being re-applied every 2-3 hours and be worn every day.

Heliocare is the range not only to fit your budget, but will give you extra comforting protection other sun care factors won’t.


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