How To Avoid Bruising After Injections

With the warmer weather upon us, the blood flow will naturally be quicker throughout the body.  Although everybody is at a risk of experiencing bruising with injectable treatments, here are some tips for pre and post treatment to minimize the occurrence.

  • Avoid vigourous exercise for an hour before the treatment and for the remainder of the day after the treatment.  The increased blood flow to the skin will help to bring broken blood vessels to the surface of the skin which is what creates a bruise.
  • If taking fish or krill oil, stop this a week before and after the treatment.  These oils are fantastic for other benefits such as joint pain and heart health, however they make the blood cells less sticky so can put people at increased risk of bruising.
  • Don’t spend too much time outside on an extremely hot day.  The warm weather dilates the blood vessels and circulates the blood flow more quickly, just as exercise does.
  • Avoid spas and saunas post treatment, which also increases body temperature and quickens blood flow.
  • Apply a specially prepared anti-inflammatory recovery cream such as Restylane Recovery Cream.
  • If the bruise has already occured, Hirudoid cream can be purchased from the pharmacy and applied to the area. This cream contains heparinoid, which is a similar to heparin. It is used to improve circulation after bruising or soft tissue injuries. Heparinoid works by dissolving small blood clots and improving the blood supply to the skin. 



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