Eyes Rejuvenation

Some people would say that their eyes would be their best feature. Unfortunately, the same “best feature” can be subject to much ageing. The upper lids in particular can experience drooping and loss of eye crease definition which can overall make a person look tired, angry, older, as well as vision impaired.

The sagging of the eyelids can be due to several factors. The tendons that keep the brows in place as well and those that lift the lids may weaken, fat pads in the eyelids may descend and excess skin can develop.

At Rachel Chew Clinic, we have few choices of  non-surgical treatments that can be used to rejuvenate the upper lids. Non surgical treatments include injectables. Muscle relaxants and fillers can be used to raise eyebrows thus lessening upper lid drooping. Instant eyebrow lifting can be achieved using different kind of threads.


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