Are You Giving Yourself Wrinkles

In the crusade against wrinkles we are the first to invest in any and all weapons—peptides, anti aging serums, hydrating eye cream etc.. But while we know not to smoke, skip the sunscreen, or overindulge with alcohol, with all these beauty regime and money invested… Why the wrinkles are still there? With no improvement at all?

Here are three surprising ways you could be giving yourself wrinkles, because awareness is the first step to a smooth, flawless skin.. Am I right?

Washing Your Face
I ain’t kidding, over-washing your face could be giving you wrinkles. According to dermatologists, tap water strips skin of its natural barrier oils and moisture that protect against wrinkles, so if you wash your face too often, you could be washing away your protection. Limit your face cleansing to a maximum of two times per day, only use face scrub or exfoliate once a week.

Catching Your Beauty Sleep
Maybe we shouldn’t call it “beauty sleep” after all. Sadly, it turns out that sleeping in certain positions: on your side or face-down in the pillow, these poses cause “sleep lines” on your face and neck. That alone is not a huge deal, but after many nights or years of sleeping in the same position, those lines can become more and more obvious and worse, permanent! Your best bet for avoiding sleep lines is snoozing on your back, but if that’s not going to happen, opt for a silk pillowcase. Silk fabric material is claimed to minimize sleep creases because they are softer and smoother so your skin slides around. Another bonus: silk pillowcases are also easier on brittle and damaged strands because they create less friction than cotton.

Using Your Smartphone
Credit to the technology these days, smart phones are now part of our live. Call it the smart phone squint.  By peering at a small screen causes facial strain, around and between the brows, which may cause premature wrinkles on the face. Somehow that text we needed to send seems less important now… To combat the effects, minimize your brightness, and increase your text size if you have a hard time reading.


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