Panda Eye Horror

It’s dark outside. You’re on your way to bed. You look in the mirror, and there they are: under eye circles that terrify you. Okay, so maybe it’s not Halloween, but this common sign of aging affects most Asian at some point. Whether they’re induced by genetics, age, or lack of sleep, 53% of women under eye circles and puffiness as their number one beauty concern according to a survey from Clinique. We often look to concealer to temporarily solve the problem, but the cakey appearance of concealer is often too evident to provide the naturally youthful appearance that we seek.

Dark under eye circle are generally have three causes:

1. Dark pigmentation of the skin.

2. Prominent vasculature behind fair color translucent skin.

3. Shadowing and hollowing out underneath the eyes that is common with aging In our office, the third cause is the most frequently seen and we have been able to effectively use hyaluronic fillers which is naturally found in the skin to bond water molecules. When injected under the skin, the filler helps counteract volume loss beneath eyes.


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